VOIP Equipment

NuEra is an authorized dealer for the following:


3CX VOIP PBX license keys

Gateway's; FXO, FXS, Analog, or PRI

IP Based PA systems

IP Based Security Camera's

Phones; Business class and Conference Phones

Access Control; Doors, Gates

Bell Systems; we feature BellCommander

TEAMS and ZOOM Video Conferencing Equipment

Boom Video Equipment works with any Web Meeting


Complete installation services



PBX's: 3CX is a great iPBX product, we are a Certified Partner for 3CX.  We can not recommend this product highly enough!


Fanvil X7U

Fanvil X6

Telephone Service
- Siptrunk.com
- Flowroute


Yealink CP920, 930, and 960 Conference Phone with external Mic's, wirelss options available.


Boom MAGNA Hero 3.jpg

Boom Maga Hero AI Video meeting equipment

Products, partial list:

Fanvil phones, all models

Yealink HD Business Phones, all models

Fanvil Video Phones

Yealink Conference Phones. CP920, 930, 960, wireless


3CX Web Conferencing Solutions via WebRTC

Yealink TEAMS and Zoom Video equipment

Boom Video equipment; works with most any Web meeting

Patton Gateways, FXS or FXO, and PRI (Voice T1)

Bell Commander, school and factory bell system

Cyberdata and Fanvil Public Adress and Paging, ceiling or wall mount speaker

Fanvil Access Controls

Cyberdata Access Controls

IP Camera's


I can provide almost any phone system add-on!



Yealink CP960 Conference Phone


Fanvil X7 Video Phone