NuEra Services, Inc. provides reliable business phone service and at a great price too!

As an authorized dealer for SIPTRUNK.COM, we offer all of the below services:


SIP Trunking, using your current Internet Connection

Take advantage of SIP Trunks to connect your Phone System to the world and save money. Yes, you can keep your current numbers!

SIPTRUNK.COM provides: 

  • Outbound calling to most countries

  • Inbound calling with US numbers (DID)

  • DID's, 50,000 in stock, available in most areas of the country, and other countries too!

  • Toll-free numbers

  • Emergency Services and Disaster Routing

  • Port your current numbers

  • Fax to email service

  • Email to fax service

  • Many packages to choose from, get the right package for your business

  • Offering Unlimited calling single-channel packages, or Per Minute packages that are multiple channels ( one number but many concurrent calls

  • We also provide Comcast Business Class Internet Service, in Illinois only


Start Saving up to 40% today!


Small Business Package starts at $50/mo. and includes 2,000 Minutes, 3 Numbers (DID), Multiple Concurrent Call paths, 1 Enhanced which includes 911 Listing, and one Toll-Free number.


Packages scale up from there, call for details:

Month to month, no contracts required, change as you need.  Great for seasonal business.


Large packages and custom packages are available.


Optional Services Available:

  • Fax Device for your physical fax machine needs

  • Email to Fax Service

  • Fax to Email Service

  • SMS (Text messaging)

  • Disaster Routing

  • 800#'s

  • 911 Listing for additional DID's

  • International Calling

  • International Numbers (DID's) available for most Countries

  • Month to Month account, no long-term contracts

 Flowroute Dealer

 Ala cart approach only pay for what you use,

 SMS and MMS are approved by 3CX, so it works from inside your 3CX phone system,

 fully Integrated Texting within the free 3CX Clients.

 SIP Trunks too.

 T.38 line conditioning

 Reach the world in over 6,600 on-net rate centers, 14,400 phone number rate centers and 200 international countries


Traditional Phone and Data Service is available from NuEra Services, Incas an authorized reseller.


We can provide your business with Internet:

  • Ethernet Data Lines

    • Ethernet Services over Copper

    • Ethernet Services over Fiber

  • Comcast Business Services (Illinois only)

  • Failover Internet for business (Via Cellular Data Service)

  • Cellular Internet for areas that don't have fiber or cable







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